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ng. The repudiation of work leads to the ■vagabondage just illustrated and to the antisoc■ial attitudes described below: 7. We have i●n New York at present, and have had for som●e years past, an immense army ●of young men, boys between f■ifteen and twenty-six, who are absolutely● determined that under no condition●s will they do any honest work. The

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鰉it burglary, act as highwaymen, an●d, if cornered, kill, in order to■ get money dishonestly. How do they dispos●e of the vast sums they hav

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ey are invet●erate gamblers.[9] And similarly, amo■ng women we have the thief, the prostitute, ●the blackmailer, the vamp, and the “charity g●irl.” 122. The Desire for

Security. The de●sire for security is opposed to the desire for ●new experience. The desire for new experience■ is, as we have seen, emotionally■ related to anger, which tends to i

nvite dea●th, and expresses itself in courage●, advance, attack, pursuit. The de■sire for new experience implies, there■fore, motion, change, danger●, in

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stability, social irrespon■sibility. The individual domina■ted by it shows a tendency to disre■gard prevailing standards and group ■interests. He may be a social failure on account

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● of his instability, or a soci■al success if he converts his experie■nces into social values,—puts them● into the form of a poem, makes of● them a contribution to science.

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■ The desire for security, on the other hand●, is based on fear, which tend●s to avoid death and expresses itself in timi●dity, avoidance, and flight. ■The individual domi

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